Algorithmic stablecoin backed 100% by delta neutral position


Why Soteria?


Crypto native

Soteria is crypto native. Soteria and users will not interact with the banking system, which ensures that everyone will be able to transact without censorship.


Price stable

Soteria is backed by a delta neutral position using derivatives. By shorting an equivalent number of futures contracts in the background, Soteria will always have a delta neutral position in respect to the price of bitcoin. As a result, Soteria will always be able to redeem the stablecoin at par value.


Onchain interest payments

Users will receive interest generated from the delta neutral position. Current interest rate is 5.00% APY and is paid onchain everyday directly to the user.

Meet Soteria

1 USDS = 1 USD

Anyone can always issue/ redeem 1 USDS for 1 USD at Soteria.

Earn interest 

No need to stake or lend your tokens.

USDS is a interest-bearing stablecoin, and your USDS balance will increase every day by the market interest rate.

Low fees and instant conversion

Issue Fee: 0.10%

Redeem Fee: 0.20%
Conversion between BTC and USDS is instant.

Instant registration

Registration only requires an email address and takes less than 30 seconds.